If you enjoy artists like Peter Murphy, or The Cranberries, you’re sure to find a friend in Nimway: the full-band experience of Canadian singer-songwriter Anne Moniz. A cultural feast of original music and performance art, Nimway's dreamy and powerful sound draws together elements of rock, folk, and 80's dark wave to make for an exciting, danceable experience for listeners.

“The character Nimway (Nimueh) is taken from Arthurian lore. Depending on the version of the story you hear, she was Merlin's lover, his competitor, or the Lady of The Lake herself who conjures the mystical blade Excalibur.” Explains Anne, "Nimway represents the mutable nature of the feminine. She is both Merlin's faithful lover, and his most fearsome adversary, making her one of the most mysterious and intriguing women in literary history.”

Nimway is currently producing audio and visual material that celebrates the DIY mysticism of the gothic and grunge cultures of the 1980's and 90’s. Find their music on most popular listening platforms, including iTunes and Spotify.